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Podcast Host-Dr Radhika Vijay

Dr Radhika Vijay (Bikaner, Rajasthan, India) born March 16, 1982 is a Pharmacologist, her credentials are MBBS,MD Pharmacology.

She is an intelligent, hard working student since childhood . She is faculty of Pharmacology in S.P. Medical College in her hometown. Not only she has excelled in academics, but is also very creative.

She is a an Educator, teaches Pharmacology and also a Podcaster & Author. She is the founder, host and author of "Is Pharmacology Difficult®️" Podcast (2020) and Book (2021).

She has ventured her literary skills in fiction also and occasionally writes Children's/Young Adult story books under the pen name "Radgin Wiz®️". She is certified in Nutrition & Dietetics.

Her hobbies are Reading, Writing, Drawing, Music & Spoken French. Alma Mater was Sophia Higher Secondary School, Bikaner. Her Podcast creation is the highlight of the Lockdown diaries!

Appreciator of everything brilliant, she has an optimistic approach and she believes in the value and power of time, prayers and purpose driven consistency as strong foundation elements in one's life!

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